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HSC Admission 1st Merit Result 2022: on January 29, 2022 will be published XI admission Result from on official website. From the authority admission result is published on based of SSC/JSC.

xiclassadmission.gov.bd web is published HSC Admission Merit List Result. According to Xi notice to know that 1st merit list is published on January 29, 2022 for the academic session for 2021-2022.

Those who want to take HSC Admission. They must submit an application form with due time. Dshe.gov.bd web is released notice has been published very soon. Whoever the students passed in the SSC Exam, they will be able to apply for the HSC Admission.

Most students do not know about the HSC Admission process. I will discuss the HSC Admission process.

Every student should know about the HSC Admission System. Xi Admission official website: xiclassadmission.gov.bd here you know all the processing of the admission system.

HSC Admission Result (Xi Admission)

Many of students the common question is HSC Admission when to give Date and Time.  Basically, HSC Admission starts within 10-15 days of before giving SSC result but this year is different Due to COVID- 19 (Corona Virus) because its late HSC Admission process.

Basically, The Minister of Education board there official website has been published number of seats of college, version, shirt and group. the COVID- 19 (Corona Virus) gets situation is normal quickly published HSC Admission.

The Education Minister will be announced fixed date and time. Presumably, there may be a date later this month. So, Bookmark our website otherwise visit our website visit regularly.

HSC College Admission Process Through Online & SMS

If you want to know the college admission system then fully article read carefully. First you can visit college admission processing Xi Admission official Website: www.xiclassadmission.gov.bd

from here you can know all the information of HSC Admission related otherwise you can even find out all the HSC Admission related all information through our website: www.jobnewsbd24.com.

HSC Admission process complete can do Through Online and SMS Method. Online admission process method you can choose minimum 5 (five) and maximum 10 (ten) college

The choose college from can be selected in any one of the preferred colleges even you may not be selected to any college. The whole thing depends on your SSC Result.

Do not worry, those who do not succeed will have wait for the Second Merit List. I hope you will succeed in the second merit list and at the same time will be give 1st merit migration result. if the second merit list is not successful.

Do not worry, Give them another result then we have to wait for the third merit list. Hopefully the third merit list will be succeed and at the same time will be give 2nd merit list migration result.

If you do not succeed in the third merit list ‍and  1st, 2nd and 3st merit list given with admission process complete again then will give the opportunity to re-apply for HSC admission

N.B: After being selected in every merit list 1st, 2nd, 3rd  must be ensure admission conformation with 185 BDT TK paid that which has to be submitted through by teletalk, Rocket, Surecash, Bkash etc.

Requirement and Eligibility for HSC Admission College

It is very important to known for Students of HSC College Admission. I have regret a lot later for not knowing it. I told him, Every students needs to know this for admission. I will explain to you. So, follow to the below instruction. Let’s go:


  • General education board from SSC passing year in 2018, 2019, 2020
  • BOU SSC Passing Year 2017,2018, 2019 and 2020 apply to HSC Admission.


  • Humanities Group students can be 2 group choose apply to Business and Humanities.
  • Business Studies Group students can be choose apply to Humanities and Business.
  • Science group students can be apply to any group choose such as: Science, Business Studies and Humanities
hsc college admission 2020-2021

H. This way you can choose a minimum of 5 colleges and a maximum 10 colleges based on your results. However, we will describe how you can HSC College Admission Online Application perfectly complete. So, follow the Instruction and which you need information to know to Online Application. Lets go-

Payment Procss

It is very important to know how to payment for Online Application. You will not be able to apply if you don’t know payment process properly. First check you balance,  you must be your account minimum 160 tk balance. So, follow the instruction and submit your application fee properly complete. Let’s go-

First Message

  • First go to the Message Option your mobile or Modem
  • Create a new Message
  • Then type the below Message
  • CAD <> WEB <> SHORT NAME OF BOARD <> 6 digit Roll Number <> Passing Year
  • Example: CAD WEB DHA 153645 2020 and sent to 16222

If you correctly information with sending a return Message with a Pin Number that it must be used to a send message So, Note down the pin number and then follow to second Message.

Second Message

  • CAD <> YES <> Pin Number <> Contact Number and Send to 16222
  • Example: CAD YES 123456789 019456785# #

N.B: Please must be valid number that which future will need a lot of time and If you lost it or given wrong number, you will have to suffer a lot. It is very important.

Board NameShort Code of Board Name

HSC Admission Payment Through Bkash

Since last month from Bkash company start Admission payment. It is payment process very easy and comfortable method. Its for you have a Bkash Account. So, follow to HSC Admission payment system through Bkash. Lets’ go-

  • First, Install the Bkash Apps from your Mobile
  • Then, Go to The Pay Bill Option
  • Then, Select (Xi Admission) Biller ID
  • Then, Input your Payment Code (Short Code Education Board, Passing Year, 6 digit Roll Number) example: DHA2020546542)
  • Then, Input Your Mobile Number Any Operator Number
  • Then, given Bkash your pin number

How to application by Only SMS without Online

You can application without online through Message. In my opinion, It is the choice most confident who the student. All these students their target is that I will study in this college.

If you are decided that 1 college or 2 college this way perfect. More than college application to online way better. however, through Message application each apply fee (120+vat) BDT tk. So, follow to below instruction:

First Step

  • You must have a Teletalk Sim
  • First check your balance and minimum must have to 130 Tk
  • Then, Go to the Message option of Mobile or Modem
  • Create a new message option and type
  • CAD <> College EIIN No <>  Your Desired Group <> Education Board Name of SSC<> Passing Year <> Input to your registration No <> Shift <> Version <> Quota (If any)
  • Then, send to Message 16222
  • Example: CAD 112459 HU DHA 165456 2020 1245655645 D B

Successfully after sending Message, then gets return Message Students name and Other Information with a Pin Number that it must be used to second message So, Note down the pin number and then follow to second Message.

Second Step

  • CAD <> YES <> Input to Pin Number <> Valid Contact Number
  • Example: CAD YES 123654789 019547896##

College Admission Result 2021

After College Admission complete to candidate wait for admission result. College admission result will be publish Xi admission official website: xiclassadmission.gov.bd available here. All College admission result will be published this website.

HSC College 1st Merit result will be publication date 25 August 2020. Once the results are out, the next step is make admission confirmation sure. If you don’t do it within the allotted time admission cancel. Students must be paid 185+vat its can done teletalk, rocket, surecash, bkash etc.

HSC Admission Migration

Many students don’t known about Migration. Migration means refers to change. It is very important for College Admission. If any students does not get his preferred college then he can apply for migration.

Now there is no need to application for migration. Auto Migration active all students and It runs upwards. If you want to can’t close it. The college you want to study will take you step by step and its is very important so, carefully submit your choice list.

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