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♦ One Bank Ltd Profile :

ONE Bank Limited was incorporated in May, 1999 With the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies under the Companies Act. 1994, as a commercial bank in the private sector.
The Bank is pledge-bound to serve the customers and the community with utmost dedication.

The prime focus is on efficiency, transparency, precision and motivation with the spirit and conviction to excel as ONE Bank in both value and image.

The name ‘ONE Bank’ is derived from the insight and long nourished feelings of the promoters to reach out to the people of all walks of life and progress together towards prosperity in a spirit of oneness.


OBL is a private sector commercial bank dedicated in the business line of taking deposit from public through its various saving schemes and lending the fund in different sectors at a margin.

Proper risk assessment and compliance is meticulously followed in selection of asset and liability portfolio.

The banks financing concentrate in both working capital and long term financing.

In the industrial sector, the major concentration of the bank is on the textile and RMG sector. With the increase exposure to RMG, bank has increased its non-funded business substantiallly. Bank has taken initiative to increase exposure in SME for broadening the access of small entrepreneurs to bank credit.
With state of art technology, OBL has real time on-line banking facility and has launched Visa debit and credit card, ATM facility, E-Banking, Mobile banking etc. A full-fledged Disaster Recovery (DR) centre has been established in sirajgonj to ensure business continuity of the bank. OBL has introduced Centralized Loan Administration and Trade Processing centre at Dhaka and Chittagong zone.

Our Vision Statement

To establish ONE Bank Limited as a Role Model in the Banking Sector of Bangladesh.
To meet the needs of our Customers, Provide fulfillment for our People and create Shareholder Value.


Our Mission Statement

To constantly seek ways to better serve our Customers.
Be pro-active in fulfilling our Social Responsibilities.
To review all business lines regularly and develop the Best Practices in the industry.
Working environment to be supportive of Teamwork, enabling the Employees to perform to the very best of their abilities.



Green Banking

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We, at ONE Bank, are responsible corporate citizens. We believe that every small ‘GREEN’ step taken today would go a long way in building a greener future and that each one of us can work towards a better global environment.

Environmental concern is at the centre of the Green Banking strategy. An increasing number of banks are strengthening green banking activities by launching environment friendly initiatives and providing innovative green products.

As an environmentally responsible Bank, some of One Bank Ltd.

our Green Banking Initiatives are as follows:

Initiating In-house Environment Management
Training & Environment friendly activities for employees to make them environmentally concerned.
Adherence to Environmental Risk Management guidelines.
Introduction of green banking products & services.
Financing green projects.One Bank Ltd
Building awareness & providing support to customers to be more environmentally responsible.
Supporting the environment friendly initiatives as a part of CSR activities.
Forming alliance with NGOs or other environment focused organizations for our green banking activities.



SME Banking

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To assist SMEs (Industry/Trading/Service) access to finance.
To meet the need for Financing SMEs towards overall growth of the economy & employment.
To expand bank’s exposure in SME Segment.
To make self-reliant SMEs and to habituate them in banking.One Bank Ltd
Purpose and Tenure:
Working Capital Finance (up to 03 years )
Short and Mid Term Working capital finance.
Business Expansion on current product line.
Avail funds against secured investment.
Project Finance (up to 05 years )
inance (up to 05 years )
Purchase vehicles to be used in business (e.g. covered van, pick-up van).
Purchase machines to increase production.
Office/Business premises renovation.
Purchase office equipment.
Purchase expensive medical equipments for clinic or hospital.
Avail funds against secured investment.
Repayment Opportunity:2
Overdraft with quarterly reduction of limit or EMI basis for Working Capital Finance.
Project finance (term loan) on EMI basis.(One Bank Ltd)
The minimum and maximum loan amount for SMEs is Tk 2 Lacs and Tk 50 Lacs.
Security Requirement:
Financing up to Tk 10 Lacs is allowed against hypothecation and personal guarantees.
Financing up to Tk 50 Lacs is allowed against hypothecation and registered mortgage over immovable properties – for all groups.personal guarantees.
Financing up to Tk 15.00 Lacs is allowed against hypothecation and personal guarantees – for Women Entrepreneurs.One Bank Ltd
Eligibility of applicant:
Ideally a sole proprietorship concern.
Age of the applicant has to be within 25-52 years and Bangladeshi citizen.
Business established for minimum 02 years (03 years for women entrepreneurs).
Monthly sales turnover is more than Tk 6 lacs (for urban areas) and Tk 3 lacs (for rural areas).(One Bank Ltd)
Operating in a rented / owned premises for a minimum period of 2 years.
SMEs having total assets (excluding land & building) between Tk 50,000/- to Tk 1 Crore.
Taxpaying business firm.
Having good financial track record.
Eligibility of Guarantor:
Age has to be 25-52 years.
Reputed business man or professional having sufficient income to repay the entire loan.
Executive/departmental head of large corporate body or multinational companies.(One Bank Ltd)
Taxpaying individual, etc.
Documents required:
Trade License current and 02 years old.
Photograph, business card, passport/National ID/driving license of applicant.One Bank Ltd
Current utility bill of business house and residence of the applicant.
TIN certificate of the applicant.
Bank account statement if any.
Sanction Letter or statement of loan account of active loans.
Stock, Receivables and sales statement, etc.
Any other valid document reflects stability in the business.


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