38th BCS Syllabus in Details Step by Step February 2017

38th BCS syllabus

38th BCS Syllabus in Details Step by Step 2017

♦ Notice :

38th BCS Circular.As 37th BCS Written exam notice already published,then 38th BCS Circular will be published Soon.Even February 2017  is the Most expected to get 38th BCS Circular according to the announcement of Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC).

Where, 1226 of the various cadres have vacancies.The decision has been taken for them to meet those, vacant cadres post under Bangladesh Public Service Commission.(BCS Syllabus)

According to the notice will be published in all the preparations now. Among them General Cadres 465 posts, Professional Cadres 537 Posts and General Education 224 Posts.


♦ 38th BCS Syllabus :

We know,BCS exam are taken into Two Section of Examination.So, we trying to show you Individually.


◊  Initial Distribution :


Sl.No Exam Type Marks
01 Preliminary Test         200
02 Written Exam         850


  Preliminary Test Distribution :


Sl.No Subject Total Marks
01 Bangla 35
02 English 35
03 Bangladesh Affairs 30
04 International Affairs 20
05 Geography,Environment & Disaster Management 10
06 General Science 15
07 Computer & Information Technology 15
08 Mathematical Logic 15
09 Mental Ability 15
10 Ethics, Values & Good Governance 10
Total 200


Written Test Distribution :


Sl.No Subject Marks
01 Bangla 200
02 English 200
03 Bangladesh Affairs 200
04 International Affairs 100
05 Mathematical Logic & Mental Ability 50
06 General Science & Technology 100


♦ Bangla for Preliminary Test :


Brance Subject Marks
Language Used-Misused,Pronunciation & Correction of Sentence,Terminology,synonyms & Antonyms,Sound,Letter,Words,Part of Speech,Sentence,Conviction,Sondhi & Somas. 15
Literature  (a) Ancient and medieval – 05                          (b) The modern era(1800-The current era) 20
Total 35


♦ English Language & Literature :


Total Marks: 35

PART – I : Language – 20

A.   Parts of Speech:

The Noun:

          The Determiner

          The Gender

          The Number

          The Pronoun

 The Verb:

       The Finite: transitive, intransitive

       The Non-finite: participles, infinitives, gerund

       The Linking Verb

       The Phrasal Verb


 The Adjective

 The Adverb

 The Preposition

 The Conjunction


B.   Idioms & Phrases:

             Meanings of Phrases

             Kinds of Phrases

             Identifying Phrases


C.   Clauses:

The Principal Clause

The Subordinate Clause:

             The Noun Clause

             The Adjective Clause

             The Adverbial Clause & its types


D.    Corrections:

               The Tense

               The Verb

               The Preposition

               The Determiner

               The Gender

               The Number

               Subject-Verb Agreement

E.     Sentences & Transformations:

              The Simple Sentence

              The Compound Sentence

              The Complex Sentence

              The Active Voice

              The Passive Voice

              The Positive Degree

              The Comparative Degree

              The Superlative Degree

F.    Words:





                Usage of words as various parts of speech

                Formation of new words by adding prefixes and suffixes

G.   Composition:

               Names of parts of paragraphs/letters/applications(BCS Syllabus)


PART-II: Literature – 15

H.   English Literature:

Names of writers of literary pieces from Elizabethan period to the 21st Century.Quotations from drama/poetry of different ages.




♦ Bangladesh Affairs :

38th bcs syllabus01

38th bcs syllabus0238th bcs syllabus03




♦ International Affairs :

38th bcs syllabus04





♦  Geography,Environment & Disaster Management :

38th bcs syllabus05





♦ General Science :

38th bcs syllabus07

38th-bcs-syllabus08 38th bcs syllabus09



♦  Computer & Information Technology :

38th bcs syllabus10 38th bcs syllabus11 38th bcs syllabus12 38th bcs syllabus13



♦  Mathematical Logic :


38th bcs syllabus14



♦ Mental Ability :

38th bcs syllabus15



♦ Ethics, Values & Good Governance :

  •    Definition of Values Education and Good Governance;
  •    Relation between Values Education and Good Governance;
  •    General Perception of Values Education and Good Governance;
  •    Importance of Values Education and Good Governance in the life of an  individual as a citizen as well as in the making of society and national ideals;
  •    Impact of Values Education and Good Governance in national       development;
  •    How the element of Good Governance and Values Education can be  established in society in a given social context;
  •    The benefits of Values Education and Good Governance and the cost society pays adversely in their absence.(BCS Syllabus)






◊  Bangla 1st Part for Written Test :

This is for both General and Technical/ Professional Cadres.


Sl.No Subject Total Marks
01 Grammar
(a) Word Structure-06
(b) Pronunciation-06
(c) Sentence Correction-06
(d) Proverbs Meaning-06
(e) Syntax-06
02 Paragraph/Coloring Expansion 20
03 Summary 20
04 Bangla Language & Literature 30
Total 100


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